Day 10- PJ DAY

On the last day of these school holidays it was pyjama day. Children were dress in their ugg boots and dressing gowns.  In the morning the children enjoyed some sunshine by playing a few group games on the basketball courts so that their pyjama’s wouldn’t get dirty in the park. Many of these games demonstrated the children working as a team to be successful. It was great to see all age groups working together. After morning tea, we held the CLG OSHC BIG QUIZ. Teams were created and children were tested on their knowledge in four different categories including; space, food, animal and music questions. Children highly enjoyed the music question round, as they were able to get up and show their moves. The winning team received a delicious smores (a biscuit with marshmallow and melted chocolate.  After lunch, the children relaxed and watched a movie with some of the children electing to make a dream catcher instead. Over all the last day of holidays was a fun filled day with lots of games and excitement.


Day 9 – Alien Surprise!

Today we had a visit from outer space! We were visited by an interactive theatre show about aliens that came to Earth to visit their relatives and celebrate a birthday party. Children enjoyed being picked for a range of roles to assist with the incredible performance. They had to use their best acting skills by making up scenes on the spot, dodging meteors, facing the Death Star and even escaping two very aggressive kangaroos. They dressed up in amazing costumes as robots, shooting stars, security guards, vending machines and much much more! To celebrate their visit we made super alien spaceships for craft and had space noodles for afternoon tea.


Day 8: Sci World

Off to the show grounds we ventured this morning prepared for a day full of science, tricks and illusions. Upon arriving we were able to explore the games room. This section was full of science tricks made with mirrors, water, balancing and lots more cool illusions. After playing in this area we got to go into the star dome. It was pitch black in there so that we could see the stars. The Star Expert told us all about the constellations, what they are and where they are in the sky. We learnt that we can use the Southern Cross to find north if we get lost. Some of the kids found the Star Dome a bit scary because of how dark it was, but most braved the dark and stayed in. After the Star Dome we got to explore some of the tables. The four tables were Magic and Illusions, Archeology, Electric Circuits and Lights and Lasers. These were all very cool to explore and learn about. Finally we got to watch a chemistry show. We saw solutions mixed together and foam explode out of a bottle and blue fire. On the way home we stopped by a park and played on the playground for an hour. The play equipment was huge and we got to climb on a spider’s web and into a castle too. Overall, Sci World was lots of fun and engaging for everyone, we had a great day!


Day 7 – FYI Spy Day

Today the FYI agent came to Vacation Care to run his ‘Next Secret Spy’ School and train the children to become top spies. They were taken into a Top Secret Spy tent and were told jokes and met, on a 3D screen with their 3D glasses, ‘Charlie” the spy dog. There were lots of fart noises and jokes which the kids thought were hilarious. They then had to get in teams and do laser challenges, paper plane flying contest and shoot balls with Nerf guns. What a wonderful incursion. Just goes to show how much children love ‘fart jokes’.


Day 6. National Motor Museum

We started off Week 2 of holidays with a bang heading up into the hills to the National Motor Museum. Once we arrived we split off into two groups. The first group went for a tour of the old cars and motor bikes and were even allowed to sit in and pretend to drive a few! The favorite car was the ‘junk car’ that the kids got to search and find hidden objects on. They had a check list in their booklet and had to tick off each object as they found it! This was lots of fun and a great way for the kids to help each other and search for the last items on their list. The other group started off in the Education building. In there they got to build their own cars out of Lego and also race cars on a track. This was a real winner for the kids as they loved racing the cars and creating their own too. After lunch the two groups swapped activities and got to see what the other group was talking about all lunch. The kids had a great day exploring and creating and were not at all discouraged by the rainy weather outside.


Day 5: Disco Dance Party

To finish off week 1 of the holidays Vacation Care decided to host a “Disco Dance Party” which turned out to be the biggest party around! We set up a photo booth, played disco tunes and then cleared the dance floor to play all your classic party games. We played Musical Statues, Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel and the Limbo. We also got to whack a pirate piñata and play the Chocolate Game. Children even took initiative by creating their own “Colonel Light Gardens Talent Show”. They developed their own sign-up sheet and scoring system. Acts included singing, dancing, juggling, jokes and somersaults which everyone enjoyed. Children helped to create these posters of the day.



Day 4: Inflatable World

Wow, what a huge day it was on day 4 of vacation care. Today we ventured to Inflatable World. We had such a fun tome with so many different activities to play whilst there. The children were able to test themselves on the several obstacle courses that were situated throughout the room. The students attempted to launch themselves from one giant inflatable ball to the other, jousted on the inflatable stands, jumped on the giant inflatable pillow, slide down the treacherous slides and jumped off the enormous drop. With the minimal amount energy we had left, we found our way to a park where we ate our lunch and played on the playground before making our way back to OSHC.

Once back at OSHC the children partook in OSHC activities including park, hall and yard as well as playing in the OSHC room.

Inflatable world – conquered.




Day 3- pirate day

Today the children had fun with a pirate themed day. In groups they went to the hall to bounce and jump on the pirate jumping castle. In keeping with the theme of pirates the children enjoyed cutting out and colouring in pirate masks. Staff then helped the children make their own pirate maps and they were stained with coffee to make the maps look old. In the afternoon the children had a big play in the park, before quietening down to watch the movie’ Inside out’. Children were lucky enough to endeavour into some pirate themed food including; potato boats and tiny teddy pirates in ponds . To burn off all the lovely food, the children ran around completing treasure maps. Majority of children expressed that they highly enjoyed today due to having more than one turn on the jumping castle and having smaller groups. Day 3 was completed.

Outcome 3.2 – Children take responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

Outcome 4– Children are confident and involved learners


Day 2: Movies and the Adelaide Central Markets!

The bus arrived at 9am and we boarded heading to the North Adelaide cinemas to watch Despicable Me 3! The children were soon settled after much anticipation and excitement for the movie to start. There were many laughs throughout the film and memorable scenes were shared post film, in the big corridors of the heritage listed 1940s cinema. Our friendly bus driver was waiting for us outside the cinemas ready to take us to our second destination for the day, the Adelaide Central Markets! The children enjoyed their home packed lunches before venturing out to explore the wonderful isles of the markets. Many of the children were luckily enough to spend up to $5 on a healthy nutritious food item. They soon learnt that the beautifully fresh fruit and vegetables were quite cheap and their $5 could get them a variety of produce. Many children enjoyed the generosity of the lovely lady at one of the fruit stores offering free apples and mandarins- the children were very thankful and used their manners to express this. The central markets showcased much locally sourced produce items within the 5 food groups we have been learning recently at OSHC; grains, fruit and veg, lean meat and poultry. After an hour and a half exploring the markets the children’s legs were tiring and ready to rest in the comfortable chairs of the bus. Arriving back at OSHC the children were treated to a unique afternoon snack that included food purchased from the markets- Christmas melon, salted liquorice, cabana and bread sticks. After reflecting on a great excursion the children expended any remaining energy they had stored from all the delicious food consumed, with a run around in the park. Today was a great first excursion for the second day of term 2 holidays’ 2017 at Colonel Light Gardens!



July Vacation Care 2017- Day 1: Canada Day

Gee how quick has the second term gone? We are back for another fun and exciting vacation care. The first day was a day celebrating everything Canadian for Canada Day that was held on Saturday the 1st of July. During the day children ate pancakes with maple syrup, drew a picture of the Northern Lights and constructed something that represents Canada with a variety of different materials. After morning tea, the children had the opportunity to learn some facts about Canada and colour some maple leave pictures. In the afternoon, the children participated in a game of hockey in the hall. It was a great day to start off the holidays.

Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.