Welcome back to Term 2!

Dear parents and friends,

Welcome back to Term 2! We hope that you had a great, relaxing break over the holidays. We have three new staff members who have joined our OSHC service.  Below, our staff have written a small piece about themselves to help existing and new families familiarise themselves with the Educators.

We had hoped to introduce our new staff members at the beginning of Term 2, but due technical difficulties we were delayed.

The team are really looking forward to creating a fun-filled term with lots of engaging and creative activities, both indoors and outdoors. As always we really value your feedback and ideas for the OSHC program.  This can be done by;

-Leaving a comment on our blog.

– Parent suggestion box which is next to the attendance sheet.

– Quality Area Posters near the attendance sheet.

– Speak to one of our staff members.

We are in the process of organising new hi vis vests for our staff, so parents can easily recognise who is on duty.  We are also organising new hi vis vests for our OSHC children to wear in outdoor groups at After School Care and on excursions during Vacation Care. No doubt there will be objections from some of the children however we feel that this is a safety issue and being able to spot our OSHC children easily will provide the best supervision.

Bec: Hello, I’m Bec! I’m studying a Bachelor of Human Movement with masters of teaching in secondary school! I want to teach Physical Education and Nutrition as I have a passion for health and well-being. I love to play netball and stay fit. I live on a property up in the Adelaide hills and love being outdoors with our animals- especially my Kelpie. I have been at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School OSHC since the beginning of 2016 and love working here. The kids make it so rewarding and worthwhile. I love watching the kids explore their capabilities and grow into highly accomplished individuals. It doesn’t seem like job!



Connor: Everyone should know me by now. If not, I have been here since the beginning of 2016. I often take the sports activities at OSHC. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education/Arts at Flinders University.  I play a bit of footy in my spare time however you can chat to me about any sport, the property market or interior design. (PS Connor is being very  modest as he is a star player with South Adelaide Footy Club in the SANFL




Gayle: I have worked in the OSHC industry for the past thirteen years and I’m pleased to be continuing my experience at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School OSHC.  I enjoy working with children and having a laugh with them. I like organising craft activities with the children and gardening and I’m hoping to start a veggie garden. I’m now a proud grandmother to my fifteen month old grand-daughter Avi who gives me a lot of pleasure.



Grace: Hey guys, if I haven’t met you already my name’s Grace. I’m studying high school teaching at the University of Adelaide. My passion is history -which I want to teach. I also love music and soccer. I love watching the kids grow, and trying new things- especially out in the yard and celebrating their successes.





Kim: Hi, I’m Kim J I’m currently studying for a Bachelor of Early childhood education.  I really enjoy working with children and value the teaching experiences that I am gaining working with your children. I enjoy teaching art and craft activities, cooking, and going to the park in After School Care. On the weekends, I enjoy seeing family and friends and going for walks at the beach or along trails.




Laura: I’ve been working at OSHC since June 2016, but also have been working as an SSO in the school. In my spare time I enjoy playing netball. During my time here I have implemented gluten free cooking options so our ever increasing gluten free children are included. As an educator, I believe that it’s important to build trustworthy relationships with the children and parents.




Mark Bennett:  Hi my name is Mark.   I have been teaching and working in OSHC programs for the last 7 years and am really excited to join the Colonel Light Gardens Primary School OSHC team. I enjoy being active and playing sports like soccer and basketball. I love to learning new things about animals and science and any amazing facts that you know. Feel free to come and have a chat, share some amazing facts or play a game.



Mel: HI guys, it’s an absolute pleasure to be welcomed into the Colonel Light Gardens Primary School OSHC team as the Assistant Director. I have a Bachelor of Primary Education and have been working in the OSHC industry since 2008 in various roles.  I also have a background in graphic design and really enjoy implementing engaging activities that allow children to express their creativity, whether that’s in craft, music or cooking. It’s really rewarding to be working with and teaching children every day.  I also have a Labrador retriever puppy called Angus, which I’m sure you will see during the year. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all.




Tia: Hi my name is Tia! I started working at this OSHC at the beginning of this year. I have also just started a bachelor of early childhood teaching. I love my cat Binx! He rocks! I take Binx for walks and give him lots of cuddles. I love working here at Colonel Light Gardens. The kids are so great! I love watching them learn and grow.







Final messages from Vacation Care

Today was the last day of the April school holidays and it finished on a high! Although the weather tried to disturb our picnic, we still achieved a fun filled lunch indoors. The children shared pizza, party pies, sausage rolls, pasties, cupcakes, and fabulous sponge cakes decorated by Emma, Lily and Siena. Across the day we had a privilege of having Finn and Alina’s Dad Michael visit us who entertained us with his virtual reality technology. When our tummies were full from our delicious food, and our bodies were tired from stepping into a virtual reality it was time to sit back and relax while enjoying our last hours of the school holidays.

Apart from our fabulous picnic, today was also about celebrating the last day of three of our long term staff. Justin, Chelsea and Carly had their final days at CLG and were sent off in style. The children expressed lovely messages, and came together to form a human tunnel for the staff to run through!

We would also like to apologise for the lack of blogs during this vacation care. As the school had their computer technicians around, we had limited internet access across the two weeks.

We look forward to seeing you all next week for a fabulous term 2!



Day 6 – Swimming Day

SPLISH SPLOSH SPLASH! Today we steered clear of the cold rainy weather and headed for Adelaide Aquatic Centre with its warm water, slides galore and inflatables. The kids loved splashing in the smaller pools with its water gun displays, pouring bucket and walk through water features. The children also loved the slides and diving boards. A few children tried out some new tricks on the diving boards such as Courtney who trialed some tuck dives and cannon bombs. In the afternoon, the older kids got to tackle the slippery inflatable obstacle courses. Only a handful were successful! Overall the kids had a fantastic day splashing and playing in the water!


Day 5: Scrap Challenge

The room was filled with cardboard boxes, coloured paper, popsticks and feathers. We had patty pans, wool, stickers and cotton balls thrown around the air. There were pipe cleaners, foam cups, glue sticks and sticky tape galore. It was safe to our scrap challenge was a success! The children showed their creative spirits by working in small groups to create their own design out of giant boxes. Each group was individual by creating robots, dragons, laptops, castles and anything else that came to mind. The second scrap challenge was to create their own personalised dioramas out of shoe boxes. It was great to see everyones individual designs that all looked fabulous! It is safe to say we have a creative bunch at CLG OSHC!



Day 4: Farm Day

All aboard the train to Heritage Farm Yard! Today we headed to Littlehampton Platform 1 Heritage Farm Yard to ride the train, explore the hands on train station, play outdoor games and feed the friendly farm animals. We meet Champion the horse, Miss Moo the cow, Alice the porky pig and numerous chickens running around. All the children got to take a ride on the passenger train around the farm and uncover the history behind the historic farm yard. Our two sheep friends joined the ride and one had a front seat ride with the driver. After our train adventures we got to try cracking a whip and blowing a horn to herd cattle! The children had a great fun filled day and can’t wait to go back!


Messages from Term 1

We have finally made it to the final week of term 1. This means you should all have your confirmations for Vacation Care for those who have booked in, if not please come in and see us and we can confirm this with you.

Due to the high numbers for the Pupil Free Day on the Monday 1st of May, we have decided to hire a private bus. As we have our own bus we still have more spaces available for those who are interested.

As we say goodbye to term 1 were are also saying goodbye to three of our long term staff, Justin, Chelsea and Carly. These three will finish their final days at CLG during Vacation Care. We wish them the best of luck on their future teaching adventures.

We wish everyone a happy Easter and a wonderful two weeks holidays. We’re looking forward to seeing you all either during Vacation Care or in term 2!


Electronic Devices Policy

The discussion around electronic devices used in OSHC has been the talk of the town in recent months. As a staff team we have revised our policy based around this issue. We now leave this with you and hope to hear your feedback, suggestions and comments. We want to hear it all!

Children’s Electonic Devices Policy

POLICY: The Colonel Light Gardens Primary School OSHC and Vacation Care Service acknowledges that mobile phones and electronic devices are important communication devices that are highly prioritised by children, families and staff members and may be essential in an emergency. However during before school, after school and Vacation Care, mobile phones and electronic devises brought from home are seriously discouraged.


  • The Service cannot properly monitor any potentially unsuitable materials, games etc. that may be contained on a device brought from outside of the service.
  • The Colonel Light Gardens OSHC and Vacation Care service takes no responsibly for electronic devises brought from home that may be lost or broken – the responsibility remains with individual owners of the devise.
  • The CLG OSHC and Vacation Care service will confiscate any electronic devises brought from outside of the service and return to parents upon pick up of their child. The only exceptions are those specifically used for homework purposes between 3.15pm and 4 pm during term time
  • Children’s time usage with OSHC iPads is timed – (AFTER 5.00 PM)
    • 10 minutes per child during OSHC
    • 30 minutes per child during Vacation Care after afternoon tea time. (times may vary according to how many children choose to use an electronic device at that time.)
  • Children are allowed homework time after school and will be permitted time on the school computers or electronic devises brought from home. They must sign a homework permission form and sign into a log book if they would like to access electronic devices for homework. This time is strictly homework time and concludes at 4.pm each school day.
  • All school electrical equipment is checked to ensure it complies with relevant Australian Standards.
  • All electrical equipment is tagged and tested before use to comply with safety regulations.


National Quality Standards (NQS)

Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice
1.1.1 Curriculum decision-making contributes to each child’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection with community, wellbeing, and confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators.
1.1.2 Each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of the program.
1.1.3 The program, including routines, is organised in ways that maximise opportunities for each child’s learning.
1.1.5 Every child is supported to participate in the program.
1.2.3 Critical reflection on children’s learning and development, both as individuals and in groups, is regularly used to implement the program.


Education and Care Services National Regulations

Children (Education and Care Services) National Law NSW
73 Educational programs
74 Information about the educational program to be kept available
75 Information about educational program to be given to parents
76 Documenting of child assessments or evaluations for delivery of educational program



Policy Reviewed Modifications Next Review Date
March 2017 Changes to reflect homework time and responsibilities– see yellow highlights January 2018

Quality Area 1 – Educational Program and Practice.

Quality Area 1 focuses the Educational Program and Practice of our OSHC service. This is where we call for your help! We want to hear your ideas and suggestions based on how we can make our OSHC service more enjoyable. Does your child have a particular interest that you would like us to implement into our program? Is there a sport that your child would love to play whilst in OSHC? Is there certain themes you would like us to base our activities around? Let us know as our focus is to ensure every child enjoys their time whilst OSHC, and with your help we can make this happen!

You can leave your suggestions by replying to this post on the blog, discussing with staff or writing it up on our QIP board above the sign out sheet in the OSHC room. We look forward to hearing from you!


Term 2 Pupil Free Day

Please remember that the first day of term 2 is a pupil free day but we here at OSHC will still be open for business as usual. We will be going to Mitcham cinemas to see a movie, however at this time it is still unknown what movie that may be. If you would like your child/children to attend please fill out the booking form below and return to OSHC or the school front office.

OSHC PUPIL FREE DAY mitcham cinema


April Vacation Care 2017

Yes it is true, it is that time of the year again! Our Vacation Care program is now available to download from the links below or pick up from the OSHC room!

April Program 2017

Booking Sheet

Excursion Form (2)

Just a friendly reminder that the same guidelines as OSHC apply as once booking your child in, if you do not cancel within 48 hours you will still be charged. On a similar note, if you have booked into an excursion whether you cancel within 48 hours or not, a $20 fee will still apply.