Pupil Free Day

Just a quick reminder that Friday 8th September is pupil free day and we at OSHC will be going to Latitiude. It is very important for this excursion that you book your child in by Friday 1st September (this week) as we must know exact numbers by then. So far we only have 10 children booked in and obviously with such low numbers it would make hiring a bus extremely uneconomical therefore we may have to cancel. You cannot leave your booking to the last minute on this excursion! If you are wanting your child to attend on pupil free day please let us know NOW!


Vacation Care Confirmations

Just wanting to clarify with families, especially those new to Vacation Care that you must fill out the booking forms and excursion forms ( if you child will be going on an excursion) and return, either in hard copy form or via email. You can return to the school front office or to the OSHC office. The closing date for bookings is Friday 22nd September. At this time all bookings will be prioritized according to the government “priority of access” guidelines. Families will then receive in hard copy form, sent home with your child, a ‘confirmation of bookings’ including those days which  are confirmed and those which are fully booked. This confirmation will be sent home as soon as possible after the closing date of September 22nd. We are hoping October vacation Care will be heaps of fun for all. If you need further clarification on any events or happening please don’t hesitate to ask.


October Vacation Care 2017 03/10/2017-13/10/2017

Hi friends!

Term 3 has been an absolute whirlwind of excitement this year. It has flown by so quickly that it’s almost time for Vacation Care. We have heaps of exciting and fun activities  jam-packed into our program that you’ll find it really hard to choose one, so why not choose them all?

Please note that you must fill in the booking form for your child/ren to attend Vacation Care. We will not accept phone calls or verbal requests. You can however send us the completed booking and excursion forms via email.

Please note on Tuesday 10th of October we have an excursion by Wild Imagination to Bonython Park. We cannot stress to you enough that your child/ren need to be at OSHC by 8.15am. We suggest that at least for the excursion your children wear the oldest and daggiest of clothes as they will be rolling around and sloshing in mud pits. This day really is one for the kids to get back to mother nature and enjoy the outdoors. Your child/ren will be hosed down by staff of Wild Imagination and then they will be able to change into clean dry clothes. Please remember to pack a spare pair of everything for your child to change into as well as a towel and plastic bag to put dirty clothes into. Your child will be responsible for their own clothes. Staff will not be supplying towels or spare clothing.

We will have hard-copy program packs (with booking sheets and excursion forms) available in the OSHC room. Alternatively we have attached the forms below.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all at Vacation Care!

Kind regards,


October VAC Program 2017-20ld2ik

Excursion Form (2)-175xusl

Booking Sheet-1x9ps0r


Direct Debit Payments

Dear parents and friends,

A sincere apology to all those parents that pay their accounts using direct debit. Your direct debit should have been processed today Friday 18th of August 2017, however due to technical difficulties with the network we have been unable to process these payments today. We will endeavour to process the payments on Monday 21st of August 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Tammy 🙂


Welcome back to Term 3!

Hi friends! Welcome back to Term 3! We had so much fun towards the end of Term 2 that we decided to post the child observations that the team creates as a snapshot of all the fun and engaging activities that we implement in our weekly program. We also included some individual child observations and the ones from the very beginning of Term 3.



Day 10- PJ DAY

On the last day of these school holidays it was pyjama day. Children were dress in their ugg boots and dressing gowns.  In the morning the children enjoyed some sunshine by playing a few group games on the basketball courts so that their pyjama’s wouldn’t get dirty in the park. Many of these games demonstrated the children working as a team to be successful. It was great to see all age groups working together. After morning tea, we held the CLG OSHC BIG QUIZ. Teams were created and children were tested on their knowledge in four different categories including; space, food, animal and music questions. Children highly enjoyed the music question round, as they were able to get up and show their moves. The winning team received a delicious smores (a biscuit with marshmallow and melted chocolate.  After lunch, the children relaxed and watched a movie with some of the children electing to make a dream catcher instead. Over all the last day of holidays was a fun filled day with lots of games and excitement.


Day 9 – Alien Surprise!

Today we had a visit from outer space! We were visited by an interactive theatre show about aliens that came to Earth to visit their relatives and celebrate a birthday party. Children enjoyed being picked for a range of roles to assist with the incredible performance. They had to use their best acting skills by making up scenes on the spot, dodging meteors, facing the Death Star and even escaping two very aggressive kangaroos. They dressed up in amazing costumes as robots, shooting stars, security guards, vending machines and much much more! To celebrate their visit we made super alien spaceships for craft and had space noodles for afternoon tea.


Day 8: Sci World

Off to the show grounds we ventured this morning prepared for a day full of science, tricks and illusions. Upon arriving we were able to explore the games room. This section was full of science tricks made with mirrors, water, balancing and lots more cool illusions. After playing in this area we got to go into the star dome. It was pitch black in there so that we could see the stars. The Star Expert told us all about the constellations, what they are and where they are in the sky. We learnt that we can use the Southern Cross to find north if we get lost. Some of the kids found the Star Dome a bit scary because of how dark it was, but most braved the dark and stayed in. After the Star Dome we got to explore some of the tables. The four tables were Magic and Illusions, Archeology, Electric Circuits and Lights and Lasers. These were all very cool to explore and learn about. Finally we got to watch a chemistry show. We saw solutions mixed together and foam explode out of a bottle and blue fire. On the way home we stopped by a park and played on the playground for an hour. The play equipment was huge and we got to climb on a spider’s web and into a castle too. Overall, Sci World was lots of fun and engaging for everyone, we had a great day!